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Rain – Part 3

“You have survived and you have kept copies of your results” said the L10, gently releasing her before reaching over to a bag and picking up a memory clip. “I have created a computer worm for you. It will allow you to implant information onto every computer that uses the internet.” “A worm?” interrupted David, […]

Rain – Part 2

The L10 grabbed Lisa and David by the wrists and hauled them through a short, empty corridor to a garage. It bundled them into a waiting transporter and, without a backward glance, drove off. Hours later, it came to a quiet spot in the wilderness which looked like it had been abandoned even before they […]

Rain – Part 1

They stood side-by-side, transfixed as the rain fell, David grinned at Lisa and stuck a mug into the clattering rain. He fished out a couple of the crystals that had started to fall with it and took a long drink before handing it to her. “Can you remember the last time you saw this?” He […]

The Delivery

It was hot. Nobody could tell him this was natural; it was crazy. Alan glanced at his garden: dying already. This was more like the start of autumn than the start of summer. Nervous in case any of his neighbours had woken early he looked around before hauling the final sack onto his back. He […]

Hello world!

Hi, I’ve been writing speculative fiction short stories for a while now, but I’ve never quite been able to get the discipline to write regularly so I thought I’d try making my stories into a blog. The first one, “The Delivery,” I’ve published whole to give anyone who cares to look an idea of the […]