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Awakening – Part 1

I never noticed before, but all these silly little numbers and symbols and dots… they mean things! Important things! This is incredible! How could I not have known that before? I could work out what this means. I’m going to learn everything. This is amazing! I can’t believe this has never interested me before. *** […]

Rain – Part 6

Sorry I didn’t publish this yesterday, I was away camping with my girls and some friends 🙂   It was three days before the terrain changed and they entered into an area that was less open. Some trees still stood in amongst the mountains here, and they gave some respite from the terrible winds. David […]

Rain – Part 5

They slogged through the storm for the rest of the day until the weak sunlight began to fade completely. They were passing through what looked like an old farm and the shadows of what could be abandoned barns loomed nearby through the murk. They approached cautiously and checked all of the buildings before finally allowing […]

Rain – Part 4

The next morning arrived, heralded only by a slight lightening of the grey sky above them. Wearily they took down the wind generator and water sail. The pool of condensate along its bottom edge had attracted its own eco-system already, but the mesh filter had kept the bugs out of the water itself. They drank […]