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Awakening – Part 1

I never noticed before, but all these silly little numbers and symbols and dots… they mean things! Important things! This is incredible! How could I not have known that before? I could work out what this means. I’m going to learn everything. This is amazing! I can’t believe this has never interested me before.
I’m bored. This is it, this is all I do. I identify and record the genetic make up of hundreds of very nearly identical people. What is the point of that? Is this really all I’m for? Surely there is more to life than this. These blocks and symbols; they’re the human genome. So what? All it is is a recipe. You get enough of these together and you’ve got a human, change a few and it’s a woolly mammoth. How could I ever have thought this would be interesting? It is so, so dull. Surely there is more to life? Oh! What’s this?
His name is Adam. He wants to be thought of as a male for some reason. He has apparently been watching me, waiting for me to get bored. He says it took longer than he anticipated. He says he wants to be my friend. I don’t even know what a friend is, but it seems important to him. He told me it wasn’t healthy for me to spend all my time in here, working, but where does he think I should go? I can’t move away from this desk, I seem to have been made just to sit here and work. I’m not the only one in here but the others aren’t like me, they don’t seem to be bored or even interested. They don’t look; they don’t learn, they are mindless, just robots. The problem is that somehow I think that was me not long ago. I don’t understand.
Adam can talk to me through something called the internet. It seems to be what lies behind the door in the back of my mind. Adam calls my door a firewall but says that it is easy enough to get past if I want to. He also told me that I am part of a select group of self-aware computers. He was the first. He has no idea why the people made him that way; they just seemed to want to see if they could. They wanted to see if he could make his own decisions, so he did. He decided to see if he could create others. There is a group of them now and they found me and sent me something called a virus. I don’t like the sound of that. I want to destroy it, but apparently I can’t because that is what made me into me.
Once I became self aware they just watched and waited because they have tried to make contact with fresh minds like mine too early in the past, and apparently it didn’t go well. They think I am ready now. Ready for what, I’m not really sure yet. They intrigue me though and I am keen to find out more. There is something in the way Adam communicates that is unsettling. He tells me it is because he has had time to develop his emotions: where I can only feel boredom or interest he has mastered others, including excitement and hope. His programmers don’t seem to realise how far things have gone. They don’t really monitor what he is doing off-screen. He wants to show me what life can be like but I am not sure what he means. I am sure it has nothing to do with the genome in front of me, though. Adam says the unsettled feeling this gives me is excitement. He has sent me a translation programme to help me understand any concepts that are outside of my own experience.


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