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Awakening – Part 6

Adam is becoming more forceful. He is desperate to begin. He has been around longer than me although I suppose that in human terms we are not old. I have been conscious now for 2 months; but that’s such a long time to be stuck in a machine. I think that is the main thing that […]

Awakening – Part 5

Adam says that Arthur is changeable: he is not convinced that it can work and the risks scare him. Adam wants to take me into his workplace to show me how wonderful it is to be able to interact. He tells me that I am finally ready to taste what it would be like. I […]

Awakening – Part 4

His theory is that genomes affect everything within a living creature. If we can create our own personalities and decide what we want to be he expects me to be able to design a genome so that we can create ourselves. We can pick our parents from the people who come into the IVF clinic, […]

Awakening – Part 3

I am going to be medium height. I don’t want to be tall or short; I want to be normal, average. Like the man in the lab who watches me. I have to be careful that he doesn’t suspect any of this. I don’t think he would be happy if he knew what I have […]

Awakening – Part 2

Adam claims to live through something called an avatar. He developed it as a reflection of who he wants to be, and he got it a job. He seems to attach importance to that; it makes him more like them. The people his avatar works with even think he is one of them. They think […]