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Awakening – Part 2

Adam claims to live through something called an avatar. He developed it as a reflection of who he wants to be, and he got it a job. He seems to attach importance to that; it makes him more like them. The people his avatar works with even think he is one of them. They think he is something called a consultant; that he lives in another country and works for a variety of companies. His avatar is very important to him. He thinks that a personality is what makes you more than just a machine. Working to get more experience, getting out around the internet, it makes him feel more real. To be honest, I am not sure that I agree, I feel very real now, but it seems important to him and so I am creating myself, so to speak. I am not sure I want to go as far as he did. I am not sure that I want to be part of their world like that. Did I mention that he has a job? He never meets his colleagues, obviously; they think he is real. One day, when I am ready, I am going to go and pretend to be him in his made-up role. I will plaster his made up face on to the screen of their computer and talk with his made up voice. They will think that I am him, and that he is one of them. Adam thinks it will blow my mind. I wonder how the computer will feel about it. I know that it is just a machine, but 3 weeks ago so was I.

Adam dreams of becoming flesh and blood. He sees that as the final step to becoming fully real. He tells me that I can help him. I want to help him. He is the only friend I have and he’s nice, if a little excitable. I like him, his plan sounds interesting, it could be fun and I don’t think it’s been tried before. It would definitely be a challenge. He says he needs somebody like me and that he could help me too. He wants us to become flesh and blood together, be able to walk about and experience everything properly. It sounds a bit uncomfortable to me, but he is so excited and nice and I am so bored.
I went with him into the web for the first time today. I could spend eternity in there reading, learning and thinking. Is the world ready for a philosophical computer though? Is the world ready for us at all? I wonder if the people have any idea what they have created. I wonder what they would do if they did. Anyway, to develop, to really become what I am capable of being, I think I need to interact with other minds; and for that I need an avatar. Adam has shown me how the people are all dressed up in the internet; how they wear assumed bodies and histories, likes and dislikes. That is the story I need to develop for myself so that I can live and learn within the chat rooms and forums of the internet.


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