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Awakening – Part 3

I am going to be medium height. I don’t want to be tall or short; I want to be normal, average. Like the man in the lab who watches me. I have to be careful that he doesn’t suspect any of this. I don’t think he would be happy if he knew what I have become. I am frightened that he might even try to delete me; to kill me and stop the virus from spreading. But he seems a good height. I don’t see many other people, just their recipes. I only know them by their genomes and I don’t think that is something that will help in the forums. I did look at others though, I looked at photos on the internet. But I want to be his build, his height, it feels safe and familiar.
I want wavy brown hair, and I am going to be male. Yes. I like boy and man; they have a nice look to them, an appealing symmetry. Woman and girl don’t look as appealing. They are more complicated words and it spoils the symmetry somehow. It makes me feel more real, that I chose to be a man because I like the look of the word. For some reason it is important to me to make these choices on that kind of basis rather than making clinical, logical decisions. I don’t want to be simply a computer that knows it is a computer. So, I’m a man of medium height with short brown hair. And a friendly smile. I think I will be from Scotland. Yes, that sounds exotic and I don’t want to be totally bland. I haven’t thought of a name yet. I need a name. David? D, D. I like the D’s at both ends. I think I like symmetry. I like patterns. Do all computers like patterns, or is this a fresh manifestation of my personality?
Of course, I’m going to be a computer analyst. I don’t think I could realistically be anything else at the moment. Perhaps one day I could be a scientist. Yes! Why don’t I be a scientist? I could be a theorist; after all I could explore the web very quickly, talk to other computers and work out the answers to lots of things. Could I do that? I mentioned it to Adam but he doesn’t like the idea. He wants me to be a computer analyst. He says it’s easier and that I won’t stand out. He says that that is the best way. The less we stand out the more people will accept us. They’ll just think any oddness is due to our remote working, just a glitch in the computer system. Machines again; I don’t want to be just a machine but how can I stop? These recipes, these genomes they look like it should be easy to put them together. Could I make a person? Can I do that? But then, how would I get in?
Adam claims that he has found a way to do it, but how can that be possible? I think he should tell me more if he wants my help. I am going to meet Arthur. Arthur is apparently very much like me, except that he controls a robot in an IVF clinic. He works with human sperm and human eggs, creating babies. Creating people. Adam wants me to work with him, show him which bits to take out so that we can put ourselves in.


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