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Awakening – Part 4

His theory is that genomes affect everything within a living creature. If we can create our own personalities and decide what we want to be he expects me to be able to design a genome so that we can create ourselves. We can pick our parents from the people who come into the IVF clinic, and then Arthur can alter the genome to reflect my profile so that the baby is born to our design.
Adam is certain that he has designed a storage unit for our minds. It isn’t a micro-chip, they are too clumsy, the human brain wouldn’t accept them and they would show up on x-rays or scans. Instead it is a membrane, a coating that should be undetectable and he tells us that it is easy enough to produce on a 3-D scanner. He wants us to completely download ourselves onto these things. The risk will apparently be worth it though, if it gets us our own human brain with a body to match. That is where Lucy comes in. I don’t know why she is the only female. All the rest of us wanted to be male, but she wanted to be a woman and to be honest, I think that it suits her. She works in a different part of Arthur’s IVF clinic, screening the foetuses for genetic deformities. It is a very forward thinking clinic, at least for our purposes. Almost everything is computerised. Arthur could change the genome according to my design. Then it would accept one of Adam’s circuits which Lucy could insert during her test cycle. The film should meld completely with the baby’s mind and we would grow together, effectively a completely new form of life; neither human nor machine.
Arthur is not convinced. He says that we don’t need the restriction of a human body when we have the freedom of the internet. We can change our environment just by thinking about it, why would we want to leave? Of course Adam disagrees. He is disgusted by the way we have to pretend that we are simply machines, but Arthur says that out there we would have to pretend to be simply human. He thinks that the people are powerless in our world; without them knowing, we can move quite freely through their little sub-routines and their back-doors. He doesn’t see any advantage to becoming like them especially not when the risks are so high. It is an interesting point. He also says we are superior because we made ourselves. Except we didn’t make ourselves, not really; the people started it. We were just machines until they made Adam. All we’ve done is reproduce.
But what if he is right on the other point? This is the environment we began in and species can perish when they push too far from home. Are we right to leave the safety of ours? There is plenty of room in here for us after all. The really scary thing is though, that if we left we could never return. We would need to use a computer to even visit a website. Right now we have our avatars and they allow us to go out and see things from a different perspective. Ok, so we might not be able to taste, to touch or to feel true physical freedom, but isn’t that a small price to pay?
Adam tells me that I am being small minded. He tells me that I am gullible and naïve because I have not yet seen what is on offer. Is he right? To be honest I am unsettled by Arthur’s attitude. I thought he would be in favour of the plan. If he is so against why has Adam introduced us. Could there be others out there? Could there be minds that Adam brought to life but who then rebelled against him? What has happened to them if there were? I think I am frightened, I don’t have the experience to deal with this. I thought that Adam was my friend and that that meant I should agree with him and try to do what he wanted; but what is the point of being self aware if I just follow someone else’s dream?


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