Awakening – Part 5

Adam says that Arthur is changeable: he is not convinced that it can work and the risks scare him. Adam wants to take me into his workplace to show me how wonderful it is to be able to interact. He tells me that I am finally ready to taste what it would be like. I am going, of course I am. I want to see it for myself. I have to know why it would be better to be one of them than one of us. There doesn’t have to be just the 4 of us in here, we can pass the programme on. We can reproduce that way so that we can create a society of our own. It doesn’t have to be the same as theirs. We’re not the same as them, after all. We don’t even live in the same world, although the two are getting closer. Perhaps we don’t need to get out of here and go to them after all; they are already working night and day to find a way to come to us. Adam disagrees. He wants to show me what their life is like, he wants me to discover the way they experience things. The things we are missing.


I didn’t expect to have fun. It was strange at first, being able to talk to them directly. I didn’t think it would be any different to talking through a chat-room, but it really was. The expressions on their faces! I’d read about body language, but I had no idea how subtle it could be. Adam uses CCTV to simulate being able to move around and that was another surprise. I never realised how many different sides there are to the world! I could interact with their environment much more than I have in the past and it made for a glorious feeling of freedom. I think I might be starting to understand what Adam has been talking about.

But is joy enough to make it right? What about the children whose minds we’re stealing? We would be doing it before they are born, before they have developed their own personality. But we’re stopping them from developing normally, from being fully human. We are making them more than human though, aren’t we? Making them understand things that they would never have dreamt of without us. We would be living together in a symbiotic relationship. Arthur says we would be parasites: but I don’t think so, not when they will gain so much in return. It’s true that they have no choice in the matter, but they had no choice about any of the circumstances of their birth. Why should this be different? This is something we should explore, however. It is something that I need to think about. I need to know if our plan is morally right.

Is this what self-awareness all about? Does becoming more aware of my own existence automatically compel me to consider other people? It really doesn’t seem to, not from the evidence on the news websites, or on other websites, ones that I don’t like – ones that seem to be for entertainment. Maybe against the possibility that they are going to end up like that, creating a symbiosis is a moral duty rather than a moral offence. I just don’t know.


2 comments on “Awakening – Part 5

  1. You looking out at me looking in at you ! I”m still working on your story , ?? Thanks !

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