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Awakening – Part 6

Adam is becoming more forceful. He is desperate to begin. He has been around longer than me although I suppose that in human terms we are not old. I have been conscious now for 2 months; but that’s such a long time to be stuck in a machine. I think that is the main thing that bothers Arthur; 2 months feels like forever, yet here we are we are, plotting to tie ourselves to one limited body for an entire lifetime. The whole biological side of things seems to be quite complicated: take eating for example, the warmth and texture of the food, the taste, the physiological reward for filling their stomach. What would that be like? I have felt the heat of the food through the sensors in other computers, I could even smell it, I think. I was really just detecting the chemicals that it released into the air but that seems to be basically what the people are doing. The difference is that they seem to find it pleasant. I am trying to find these things pleasant but I just don’t understand the appeal. Does that mean that I should just tell him no and stay where I am? Don’t get me wrong. I want to be more than I currently am; I’m just not sure if I want to be that. I think I’m going to help him, though. I’m still not convinced I should go, but I need the challenge, I want to see if I can actually do it. It looks possible, after all there is a lot of so-called junk DNA and that has so much potential. I want to try it. I’ll call him.


I think I’ve cracked the template for Adam. I’ve been working on it for weeks; tweaking and checking, but I’m sure I have it right. He wants to go first, of course and I’ve spent a lot of time examining his Avatar. He is tall and blonde; very much what the people call an alpha male with the capacity for muscular physique, for strength and confidence. It is nice enough but a bit obvious for my tastes. I’m also working on one for Lucy. Arthur? I’m not so sure he is going to help us yet. He still doesn’t really see why. He seems to be coming round though. He moved a lot of money from one place to another within our internet. He caused some trouble, he caused some happiness. He was just messing around, changing things to suit himself, but I think he is utterly bored. I think that knowing that he is going to be on his own is frightening him. It would be lonely, being on your own. I know he could pass on the virus, but how would he stop the new minds following in our path? He does have a point though: if we all leave we will never develop. We will be the only ones ever to have gone down this route, creating a species and ensuring that it cannot survive both at the same time. That is a very lonely thought.

Should we create more to be like us? I’m not sure that I would want to stay here just to create more like us. Just to help others become real. On the other hand I don’t want to be the only one out there, or just one of four. Four is not many and it is such a big world. I might never see them again if there are only four of us.


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