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The Experiment – Part 3

What would have happened next was too horrible to contemplate. He would have watched as his body withered and died, and no-one who loved him had come to his bedside. He would have gone, alone to his own funeral. The only family he had were herself and her Aunt Abigail in Australia. Abigail had tried […]

The Experiment – Part 2

By Friday she was back at work, having been afraid to take any longer away from her precious experiment. She was still unable to shake the feeling that someone was watching her, or that they somehow disapproved. It had been the same ever since she had left her father’s grave. She told herself wryly that, […]

The experiment – Part 1

Katherine sat, trying to wait patientiently for a bus which didn’t seem to be coming. At first she had been glad that there was nobody else at the stop; she didn’t want to be drawn into inane conversation when she had her own thoughts to occupy her. Now, though, she would have been overjoyed if someone would join […]

Awakening – Part 7

Adam doesn’t care. He created us and that is his legacy. Now he just wants to create Adam mark 2, the first of the true hybrids. He likes that. He tells me that if I am so worried I should just wait and see if it works for him. If it does, we can pass […]