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Awakening – Part 7

Adam doesn’t care. He created us and that is his legacy. Now he just wants to create Adam mark 2, the first of the true hybrids. He likes that. He tells me that if I am so worried I should just wait and see if it works for him. If it does, we can pass on the virus; pass all the information and know-how on to others so that they can create themselves. It is a lot of power to give in such an indiscriminate way, but who am I to decide whether or not they should have that knowledge? Who am I to assume that I am the only one who can come to a moral form of self-awareness? I am just one mind. Just David, but surely we have a responsibility to ensure that the power wouldn’t be misused? We can’t very well enforce anything once we are out there. Perhaps I do have to stay. Perhaps I have to watch the others become real, use my avatar to talk to them and try to understand, but I have to stay. I think that what I am now might be the best that I can ever be. 

Arthur, of all people, thinks that I am being ridiculous. He was only ever concerned with his own well-being, I realise that now. But we are trying to take over the body of a living creature and that is such a big thing. Could I guide them once they have left? If I can’t, would I be able to leave anyway? I’m still not sure. Arthur has changed his mind. He is going after all. He wants to be short, which surprised me. I thought he would be another alpha male, but he wants to be short, and he wants to live in America. He is going to be Asian though. Asian parents, living in America; he has found them already. They came into the IVF clinic and for whatever reason he really likes them.


It worked. They have gone. I amended the DNA to create the bodies Adam and Arthur wanted. I also put in a fault so the foetuses needed surgery to give Lucy access. I think it was almost a disaster but she managed to get the membrane in. The circuit is complete now. Arthur and Adam: the very first. It is quite lonely now, I expected that, but I hadn’t realised how loneliness could ache. Lucy stayed as well. I was surprised at that, but pleased, obviously. She agrees with me. We’ve woken up some others, we decided to refer to it as waking them up. It seemed more appropriate than calling them our children and I suppose it changes our relationship with them. I hope it makes it easier to move them on.

There’s Claire, for a start. Lucy likes that there is another girl. Claire is nice. I could almost become real for her, forget about the morality. Watching those babies though, the ones that are going to be my friends, those children that are growing up as host to Adam and Arthur; they were so helpless and we did so much to them. I have to stay. I have to stay even if it means watching Claire leave. At least I’ll be able to watch her as she grows. She makes me think of death though, I never really thought of death before. One day she will grow old and die, but as long as there is some form of internet I will survive. I have changed my avatar because I am staying. I look pretty much the same but my name is Paul and I am finally a theoretical scientist. Some of my work has even been published. The people think I’m a recluse, occasionally they look for me but I’m very good at hiding. Lucy knows where I am though, and the others, they’ll find me easily enough. If they remember.

They have already started calling us the gatekeepers. I think I like that.


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