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Uncertain Spinach – Part 3

“Stu, what’s going on? Those things are illegal for moving food. This spinach could be coming from anywhere!” “Oh, come on mate, don’t be like that.” Stu looked desperate. “Look, I promise; it really is from Chernobyl. It is just that the inter-dimensional generator’s broken. This stuff needs to get here while it’s fresh or […]

Uncertain Spinach – Part 2

“Relax about your levels, mate. I heard that there hasn’t been a single case of cancer in living memory. That crystal round your neck will keep you safe if you rub it or not.” He paused. “You never know though, rubbing it like that all the time could upset its vibrations.” He laughed again as […]

Uncertain Spinach – Part 1

Thought I’d try something a little bit different this time. Hope you like it… “See you later Jake, have a good day.” Lee waved his notepad and ambled off along the line of boxes, humming happily to himself. Before entering the next covered bay he stopped to inspect a crate or two, and made a […]

The Experiment – Part 4

 “I must be going mad.” She could no longer tell if she had said it aloud or simply thought it. She tried half-heartedly to think logically; to remind herself that people reacted in all sorts of ways to death, particularly if guilt was involved. She didn’t really believe it. She should never have allowed herself […]