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Uncertain Spinach – Part 1

Thought I’d try something a little bit different this time. Hope you like it…

“See you later Jake, have a good day.” Lee waved his notepad and ambled off along the line of boxes, humming happily to himself. Before entering the next covered bay he stopped to inspect a crate or two, and made a quick entry into the spreadsheet. Then he checked his consignment data before approaching a tall, wiry man who was busy hauling crates out of the back of a small white van.
“Mornin’ Stu, how’s it goin’?”
“Hot.” Stu grunted without looking up.
“I bet you are.” Lee sympathised. “How many folds did they build into this one then?”
“Too many! It’s gonna take all morning to empty the lot of them.” Stu paused to wipe sweat out of his eyes and look at Lee. “I thought you were supposed to be off today?”
“Yeah, I know. I was meant to be seeing my reader. I’ve been having real trouble with my levels recently. I’m sure my crystal is misaligned, but she had to cancel so here I am.”
“Bummer. It’s a good day to be somewhere else.”
“Isn’t it always?” Lee laughed, “Actually I don’t mind too much. I like working the big consignments. It amazes me just how much these vans can hold with the new space-time folds built in.” He shook his head, eyes wide. “I mean, it must make for huge savings in fuel for a start, especially when the weight stays in the other dimensions!” Eyeing the van appreciatively he moved towards the open door. “Can I have a look?”
“No!” Stu quickly moved to block his path. “I’m too busy today, Lee. This is a big load and I need to get home on time or my wife’ll kill me.”
“Erm, Ok.” Lee hesitated, glancing between Stu and the lorry before consulting his screen once again. “Did you bring this consignment all the way from Chernobyl yourself?” He clasped the gently vibrating crystal that was hanging around his neck and Stu laughed.
“Yep, the whole way, it’s taken me a week and a half there and back.” He hauled another crate onto the ramp.


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