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Uncertain Spinach – Part 8

He failed to look nonchalant as he approached the service window at the police station. The stony faced man behind it looked at him impatiently. “What?” He growled as Lee shuffled nervously. “I’m… I’m really sorry.” He stammered, glancing around. The only other person in the room was engrossed in his e-paper, not paying attention. […]

Uncertain Spinach – Part 7

“There does seem to be some disruption,” she told him eventually, “but don’t worry, it is easily rectified and we’ll soon get you another life crystal aligned. You were right, this does need looking at. But Lee, I am not going to be at all happy if your problems end up affecting me. It might […]

Uncertain Spinach – Part 6

“No, please, you still don’t get it. He didn’t just steal my life crystal. He pushed me into a vat of counterfeit spinach as well. The stuff is supposed to be from Chernobyl, but I can’t be sure of that even. Lily, they were pulling it through a teleport in the back of their van. […]

Uncertain Spinach – Part 5

Less than 10 minutes later he was stood at a glossy red door. It was locked and the lack of an immediate response sent him into a panic. He was hammering hard on the door by the time it opened, slightly. “Lee!” The frightened face peering through the crack relaxed as its tiny owner recognised […]

Uncertain Spinach – Part 4

The bay was empty when he woke up. Because he was no longer struggling the intertwining leaves had loosened their deadly grip and were now supporting him in a way more reminiscent of mattress than tomb. Gingerly he pulled himself into a better position and then began to roll slowly, cautiously towards the side. Eventually […]