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Uncertain Spinach – Part 6

“No, please, you still don’t get it. He didn’t just steal my life crystal. He pushed me into a vat of counterfeit spinach as well. The stuff is supposed to be from Chernobyl, but I can’t be sure of that even. Lily, they were pulling it through a teleport in the back of their van. The vibrations from it were through the roof.” He ran a harassed hand through tangled hair.
“Seriously? You hit on a counterfeiting ring and all you can worry about is some ancient disease? Lee, you have to get to the police or your health really will be in trouble. I’ve heard of those guys and they are not nice men. I’m surprised you caught them though, from what I read they use quantum entanglement to replicate vibrations that will fool the delivery clerk.”
“Oh great! Now I’m not just a hypochondriac, I’m a stupid hypochondriac. If they can fool the likes of me and my silly instruments what’s their problem? They don’t need to go the medical route. Apparently the restaurants pay well for this stuff and they’ll probably take the shipping bill on trust.”
“Stop being so sensitive sweetie” she laughed sarcastically. “If that stuff has come from just any old farm and they’re trying to pass it off as Chernobyl grade, it would only pass immediate testing. They need to get it through someone like you and get it certified quickly; any problems or delays and you’d be looking at it after the entanglement has decayed. Then the buyer would know that all he’s got is a pile of leaves. Knowing you, I’m guessing you told them it was more than your job’s worth to turn a blind eye and that’s why they tried to kill you.” looking at the ground, Lee nodded sullenly and Lily sighed. “Lee, there is still a market for that stuff, but it is largely worthless. They stand to loose millions because you want to stick to the rules.” She moved to cup his chin, gently lifting it so that she could look directly into his eyes. “My guess is that you are in big trouble. I’ll do you a new crystal and check your aura but then you have to leave. Tell your boss, better yet tell the police, but you can’t stay here.” He stared at her in slack-jawed horror for a moment before meekly stepping behind the screen. He took off his clothes and moved closer to the translucent section that she used to enhance her readings. Her hands swam through the ether in front of him as she carefully examined every inch of his suspect aura.


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