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Uncertain Spinach – Part 8

He failed to look nonchalant as he approached the service window at the police station. The stony faced man behind it looked at him impatiently.
“What?” He growled as Lee shuffled nervously.
“I’m… I’m really sorry.” He stammered, glancing around. The only other person in the room was engrossed in his e-paper, not paying attention. Lee steadied himself and tried again. “Look, I’m really sorry but I’ve never had to come to the police before. I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to do, but I need to talk to someone. Please.”
“What do you think you’re doing now?”
“No, no sorry. I need to talk to a policeman.”
“Sorry, I’m sure.” He mocked. “What would you want that for?”
“Please, look. I need to talk to a policeman. This is serious.” He hesitated, looking around again. “Erm, it’s about counterfeit spinach from Chernobyl. I’m a receiving clerk at the Highhill Depot. They are bringing the stuff in by teleport through the back of an ordinary transport truck.” When he returned his gaze to the receptionist, his demeanour had changed.
“You wait there. I’m coming round. You’d better not be wasting police time.” He pushed back his chair and strode to the adjoining door. Lee flinched as the lock on the door activated. He held his ground for a fraction of a second before hurtling towards the exit. He crashed into the other man as he stepped forward to take his turn at the window. The man reached out to steady Lee, apologising before moving aside to allow him to escape into the street.
After just a couple of blocks, Lee collapsed against a wall. He pushed away from the block-work and staggered on a few more steps before sitting down hard as his legs buckled beneath him. He rubbed at his legs and head, muttering to himself. Suddenly 2 men in copper protective suits and helmets grabbed him. One pinned him down while the other one began going through his clothes.
“Help, help! Attack!” he shouted to a disinterested street as one of the men triumphantly pulled out a small box from his jacket pocket.
“What is that?” Lee screeched, “I’ve never seen that before.” His assailants dropped the box gingerly into a lead container before hauling Lee to his feet and back to the police station.


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