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Cuckoo in the Nest – Part 1

Angela surveyed her pristine kitchen and grinned. When she first started taking the tablets, over five months ago now, she had immediately begun to want only four hours sleep a night. Like Maggie Thatcher, she had laughed to herself as she finally found time to catch up on all those little tasks that had been bugging her since Claire had been born. Since then, her need for sleep had decreased steadily and now she could easily get by on two twenty minute naps each day.
She had never felt better or more confident. She could spend her evenings with Ben and her days with Claire; playing, talking and loving. She could even go out with her friends once or twice a week, precious times when she could be relax and be herself again rather than simply a wife or mother. She knew that she would be able to catch up on her chores at night, after everyone else had gone to bed, so there was no guilt anymore. She had even managed to complete a childcare course and had been busy child-proofing her home ready to start work as a childminder.
For some reason Ben seemed to dislike the tablets. It was not like him to be nervous of new things and Angela was a little hurt and confused at his reaction. He was getting increasingly irritable with her these days about a lot of things, especially her absent-mindedness. That was a common complaint with new mothers though, as she had reminded him often. It had nothing to do with the tablets, whatever he said, besides, whenever she did forget something the tablets meant that she had plenty of time to sort it out later on.
Her suggestion that he try the tablets for himself had been a mistake. She had been shocked at how angry he had become. It seemed logical to her that anyone who complained of needing more time should take them. Ben never seemed to tire of reading aloud reports detailing the controversy around the tablets. She always retorted that new drugs had to go through some very rigorous tests before they could be prescribed, and her doctor was hardly likely to let her take something that was going to hurt her, now was he? Admittedly she had gone to him and asked to be given the tablets after hearing about them in an article, and he had taken quite a bit of convincing that she really needed them. He had agreed though, and he had given her a prescription so they must be safe.


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