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Another Life – Part 2

“Sorry boy” she shook her head to clear it and crouched beside him. “Remember how I said I was thinking about a change, about running a hotel? I don’t remember seeing it before, but that’s the one I’ve been dreaming about. It’s like a sign!” She giggled and scrubbed at his ears with her fist. […]

Another Life – Part 1

She was floating. Her fat cells were floating higher; floating away. They clumped together, to smile and wave triumphantly before streaming into the other room. Towards the machine. It was almost comical to look at, sitting there so squat and ugly, like a little troll feeding on human fat. She wanted one for her own, […]

Cuckoo in the Nest – Part 5

“We had to let them bring you here, Sweetheart.” Ben’s loving eyes filled with tears as he spoke. “I couldn’t cope with trying to bring you through the withdrawal alone. Not with Claire in the house.” He dipped his head, so that she could no longer see his eyes. “I’m sorry, love. The hallucinations were […]

Cuckoo in the Nest – Part 4

“Where is she?” The panic was choking at her, tightening her chest and making it even harder to think straight. She grabbed Violet by the shoulders, her smile no longer calm, but sinister and unnatural on such a pretty girl. “What have you done with my daughter?” She shook the tiny baby before recoiling, horrified […]