Cuckoo in the Nest – Part 4

“Where is she?” The panic was choking at her, tightening her chest and making it even harder to think straight. She grabbed Violet by the shoulders, her smile no longer calm, but sinister and unnatural on such a pretty girl.
“What have you done with my daughter?” She shook the tiny baby before recoiling, horrified at what she had done to such a beautiful, innocent infant. Disgust at herself rose like bile in her belly and she reached out to touch the still smiling face. Violet took her hand, pressing it against her cheek for a moment before turning to bite down hard. The pain seemed to sear directly into Angela’s brain and she understood that she deserved the punishment for caring more about Claire than this adorable child.
“I’m sorry.” She lifted her arm, shaking with the effort of moving her damaged hand, and pulled Violet into her embrace. Lovingly, Violet reached up and scratched at Angela’s face. Unexpected agony sliced into her, but as Violet relaxed her hand to stroke where she had only recently drawn blood, the hazy feeling of contentment returned. Angela cradled the baby closer to her chest. It was a hard world outside, she knew. This sweet, defenceless creature obviously needed her protection.
Suddenly her head jerked back and Angela was overtaken by the odd sensation that she was being shaken. Invisible hands pushed her backwards, pinning her down as straps tightened around her chest and legs.
“What have you done with my Claire?” Her voice sounded harsh and hysterical even to her own ears.
“Ssssh love, Claire is fine.” When did Ben get home? Confused, she looked around. The walls of her beautiful home had never been painted this stark white, nor had they ever owned anything like the bed she seemed to be strapped to. Nausea rose in her as she tried to make sense of her surroundings.


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