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Another Life – Part 6

“Please, just kill it!” Abigail was crying and shaking as she begged over and over for them to destroy the sculpture that she had so lovingly, so recently created. Sophie leaned forward to gently stroke her face, pushing the hair away from her eyes as she did so. When she eventually spoke, her voice was […]

Another Life – Part 5

Hi, sorry for not posting last week, I’ve not been well, hopefully normal service will resume now though! Abigail groaned and rolled over, trying to pull the covers with her as she went. They slipped out of her hand causing her to groan again, grasping at her fingers as she buried her face into the […]

Another Life – Part 4

Far ahead of Abigail, Tia imagined a smirk. “You just keep on thinking like that, sweetheart.” The condemnation of the other minds rang loud in her being, they had labelled her immoral just before she had left them. The curve of time had become too much for her to resist and she had fallen into […]

Another Life – Part 3

Carefully Abigail touched the delicate white plastic pieces together, melting them slightly where they made contact to form a weld. Behind her, her 3-D printer worked busily to churn out the next components of the sculpture. Scattered around her were drawings, calculations and scraps, as well as several other, simpler creations. She muttered to herself […]