Another Life – Part 4

Far ahead of Abigail, Tia imagined a smirk. “You just keep on thinking like that, sweetheart.”

The condemnation of the other minds rang loud in her being, they had labelled her immoral just before she had left them. The curve of time had become too much for her to resist and she had fallen into its embrace with relief and glee. The others had achieved the state they all longed for. They truly saw themselves as the blessed few; the chosen ones who had been selected to live out their immortality encased in time crystals. The only remaining witnesses to the universe itself. Long after its agonised, drawn out, heat-death the crystals had survived, as basic and orderless as matter could be. The souls within had no form and no weight for physics to tear apart; and so they had stayed until they had become one with the void. Nirvana for them had been a single, conscious community floating through nothing without needing for anything.

She had hated it; that passionless, lonely existence which might as well be death. The total lack of desire or ambition horrified her. They, the final witnesses to life itself had now become the absolute antithesis of everything that life had been. Without hope or expectation Tia had finally allowed herself to be drawn along the mobius strip of time’s curvature, but now she had hurtled past the beginning of time and had come to realise that this might be a way out. She had no idea what the effect on the girl would be, but she no longer cared about anyone else. Jealousy at life’s extravagant, mayfly existence had killed any empathy or compassion a life-time ago.


The night had been a success and the relief was making Abigail’s head swim. Not the champagne, definitely not the champagne. No. Her head was swimming with relief and, yes, with triumph. More people had turned up than she had even hoped for and they had all enjoyed themselves. She had overheard several complimentary comments about the changes she had made to the building, and only one or two negative ones which she could ignore. She had held on until the very end of the night and was one of the last to leave, finally pouring herself into room 205 just as the street lights went out for the day.

Glancing over at her squat, ugly sculpture she giggled to herself as she shrugged out of her evening dress. It had been built to work. All of the parts that had moved in her dreams were now able to move in reality and it sat leering down at her from its perch above the bed. She slurred a salute in its general direction and grinned at her own personal tribute to the dreams that had convinced her that this was what she really wanted. Shrugging out of her dress she stumbled through her ablutions before slumping into her bed and into sleep. She was unconscious almost before her head hit the pillow. Above her the little machine stirred to life.


2 comments on “Another Life – Part 4

  1. Nice work. Just a thought though – would a being that has existed past the end of one universe, the beginning of this one and the long evolution of life on Earth have a gender, or a name?

    • Thanks for the feedback. I wanted to show that she’d once had a more recognisable type of a life before her consciousness had been encased in the time crystal. I thought letting her retain some of her old identity would emphasise that, unlike the others, she has been unable to let go of her past.

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