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Another Life – Part 5

Hi, sorry for not posting last week, I’ve not been well, hopefully normal service will resume now though!

Abigail groaned and rolled over, trying to pull the covers with her as she went. They slipped out of her hand causing her to groan again, grasping at her fingers as she buried her face into the pillow. Her eyes screwed tight against the lively sunshine that streamed into the room, playing in her hair and warming her freshly ravaged face. Futilely she flapped at it, trying to shoo it away as though it was a biting insect. When it refused to leave, when night didn’t return, she risked opening a bloodshot eye.
“Oh God!” she groaned a third time. “Why did I have to drink so much?” A second attempt to pull the covers over her head was more successful and she had almost slipped back into oblivion when the knocking started.
“Abigail? Are you ok?” Sophie’s voice, on the other side of the door, sounded concerned and Abigail lifted her head slightly before resorting to yet another incoherent grunt. “Abigail?” Sophie sounded alarmed now. “Are you in there? Are you ok? Look, sweetie, we are going to break the door in. We can’t find the master keys, your Dad seems to think you gave them to the cleaners ready to go in after the party, but there is no sign of them now.” Abigail curled weakly into a ball, trying to block out the unwelcome noise of Sophie’s voice. She barely looked up as the door burst inward revealing a stocky man with a crowbar and letting even more light in to assault her eyes.
“Hungover. Go ‘way.” She mumbled, trying to hold the covers in place as Sophie strode over to her and pulled them back, away from her head and shoulders.
“Phil, call an ambulance!” she immediately barked at the stocky man. He turned towards her, eyebrow raised in an amused expression that fled as soon as he saw Abigail’s face. Without saying a word, he turned away from the room and stalked off down the hall.


Ahead of Tia, the stream of matter sparkled and danced as it slid away from Abigail. It slipped over the time horizon and would now be forming a pool over on the back side of the loop. It would lie there, dormant and outside of time, until she arrived to claim it. A sudden surge of lust took her by surprise. It had been so long that she had forgotten about even the existence of such an emotion. She almost faltered, tried to recoil from the waiting matter but, like them, she no longer had any choice but to continue her eternal sliding. Recovering, she imagined a smile and relaxed into the unfamiliar pull of greed and desire.


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