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Together – Part 2

The movement has stopped now and things seem more normal. The only noises I can hear are quiet and reassuring. I daren’t open my eyes at all but this doesn’t feel like the same room, and not just because it feels safer here. Somehow it sounds bigger and less clinical. I shift slightly and suddenly […]


I am frightened. I’ve never done anything like this before but right now, I need the money. The bed is hard beneath me, not comfortable at all and the restraints feel alien and tight. A man is standing over me, ugly and big. He smiles in what I guess is meant to be a reassuring […]

Another Life – Final Part

Sophie screamed, kicking hard at the sculpture as she did so. Her foot stuck fast. Like a hysterical Br’er Rabbit she kicked again with her other foot, pulling back against her tormentor with all her might. Her scream was primal as the machine drew the life-force out of her. She could feel the strength, no, […]

Another Life – Part 7

Sorry this is late again – I’m on holiday this time and couldn’t find a wi-fi hub till today! Sophie smiled tightly at the young woman behind the reception desk, but managed to keep her voice level, almost friendly: “Look, I take full responsibility if anything goes wrong. You know that Abigail trusts me; I […]