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Waste Disposal – Part 4

“What?! I was attacked, Detective! He hit me, threatened me and forced me to try and open the door…” Rachel suddenly came up short; her face bright with realisation. “There!” she exclaimed. “Surely that proves it! Everyone on the team knows the alarms are set to go off if anyone tries to get into the […]

Waste Disposal – Part 3

This time he waited until she had closed the door behind her before turning his attention to Rachel. He smiled in what was possibly meant to be a reassuring way. She stiffened in response. “Now, where were we?” he asked in a cold, professional voice. “WE weren’t really anywhere…” she stopped to check his ID […]

Waste Disposal – Part 2

The policewoman smiled as she lent towards Rachel. When she spoke her voice had a gentle, confiding tone that nevertheless sounded practiced and professional. She told Rachel that she understood what she was going through; she had seen the effects of assault on women too many times not to. For her part, Rachel sat stammering […]

Waste Disposal – Part 1

Rachel hung her lab coat on one of the pegs by the door and glanced around the room. It was empty now, but still showing evidence that it was usually full of busy people. She pulled the door open and stepped out in to the corridor beyond, closing the door behind her. She then scanned […]