The Sleeper – Part 3

Daniel yawned and rolled over, beating the clock to silence it’s alarm. Sagging back into the pillows for a moment, he rubbed at tired eyes before moving to shake his wife awake. “Time to get up,” he told her, “Come on, the boy’ll be up soon.” She grunted and shifted position. Eventually, they both climbed […]

The Sleeper – Part 1

Jeremy wriggled excitedly in his bed as his mother tried to get him to lie still long enough for her to tuck him in and smooth his blonde hair down against his head. Giggling he slid under the covers away from her kiss. He popped up again a moment later, on the opposite side of […]

Waste Disposal 9

Rachel pushed away from her desk and sighed heavily. She picked up her calendar and traced it back 3 days to the minister’s visit, tapping thoughtfully against his name as she groped for her coffee. Absentmindedly sipping at the lukewarm drink, she rifled through the notes spread out on her bed. Eventually, a noise outside […]

Waste Disposal – Part 6

When he arrived, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change looked around the lab with an air of professional curiosity. Dr Mackenzie, who had tasked Rachel with hosting the visit, apologised for being unable to carry out the tour himself and assured their guest that he was in very good hands. He then […]

Waste Disposal -Part 5

As the minibus pulled up to the camp gates the protestors outside started to shout and wave their banners. One particularly angry looking man threw a bottle at the bus. It shattered against the window leaving a splash of yellow to dribble down onto the paintwork. Rachel turned away from them, hiding behind her hair […]

Waste Disposal – Part 4

“What?! I was attacked, Detective! He hit me, threatened me and forced me to try and open the door…” Rachel suddenly came up short; her face bright with realisation. “There!” she exclaimed. “Surely that proves it! Everyone on the team knows the alarms are set to go off if anyone tries to get into the […]

Together – Part 7

The aftermath of the interview has been horrendous. He lost the job, of course he did. Who is going to hire a man who goes into an interview so messed up he can barely stand? And he started shouting at me. Actually shouting, like I must have been that first night with Lola watching. I […]