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The Sleeper – Part 4

The supermarket was a frightening place, like a trusted friend who had suddenly become violent. Jeremy huddled in tight against his mother as they pushed forward into the throng. The aisles were packed with people, all fighting and shoving to get to the shelves. As they got near what was left of the dried pasta […]

The Sleeper – Part 2

Marina was in the kitchen peeling vegetables and muttering to herself when the phone rang. Her husband brought it through, and passed it to her with a kiss as he asked if she was sure she didn’t want any help. She shook her head, waving him away. “Just keep Jeremy entertained” she told him and […]

Waste Disposal – Final Part

Smoothing down her dress, the same dress as she had worn for her tour with the minister, Rachel nervously glanced around her. Like a teenager before her first date, she couldn’t settle and tensed every time someone came near her. Just before lunchtime Dr Mossman tapped her shoulder, causing her to jerk in shock. “H..hello, […]

Waste Disposal 9

Rachel pushed away from her desk and sighed heavily. She picked up her calendar and traced it back 3 days to the minister’s visit, tapping thoughtfully against his name as she groped for her coffee. Absentmindedly sipping at the lukewarm drink, she rifled through the notes spread out on her bed. Eventually, a noise outside […]

Waste Disposal – Part 8

Rachel set off immediately in a new direction, her stride purposeful as she began to explain the history of the project from its very beginnings. Minister Redman tagged along with a relaxed grace, speaking quietly as he drew alongside her. “If you don’t mind me saying so, Professor, you sound more than a little paranoid […]

Waste Disposal – Part 7

(Finally getting back into this after letting myself get out of the habit last year! I lost all the fun in this story and threw out my notes – unusual for me, I normally keep everything but there you go – so now it is heading off in a direction that I never intended. Hopefully […]

Waste Disposal – Part 6

When he arrived, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change looked around the lab with an air of professional curiosity. Dr Mackenzie, who had tasked Rachel with hosting the visit, apologised for being unable to carry out the tour himself and assured their guest that he was in very good hands. He then […]