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The Sleeper – Part 9

It was starting to snow in the city. Jeremy was hopping nervously from foot to foot as he scanned the crowd. He snorted gently when he caught sight of his father struggling towards him with 2 polystyrene cups of coffee. Daniel flinched as a group of people surged towards him, laughing and bustling as they […]

The Sleeper – Part 6

“You really think it’s me?” Jeremy asked in a small voice. Marina nodded dumbly, blinking hard against the tears. “I’m so sorry” she gasped, her arms moving as if to embrace him from across the room. “It has to be you though, Jeremy. It happens every time you go to sleep, and only when you […]

The Sleeper – Part 5

Marina pushed the door open, allowing light to spill into the warm, dark room. There were no sounds apart from the soft grumble of Daniel’s snoring. He snuffled and grunted as he rolled over to bury his head under his arm when she switched on the light. “Come on, handsome.” She chirped, tugging the covers […]

The Sleeper – Part 3

Daniel yawned and rolled over, beating the clock to silence it’s alarm. Sagging back into the pillows for a moment, he rubbed at tired eyes before moving to shake his wife awake. “Time to get up,” he told her, “Come on, the boy’ll be up soon.” She grunted and shifted position. Eventually, they both climbed […]

The Sleeper – Part 2

Marina was in the kitchen peeling vegetables and muttering to herself when the phone rang. Her husband brought it through, and passed it to her with a kiss as he asked if she was sure she didn’t want any help. She shook her head, waving him away. “Just keep Jeremy entertained” she told him and […]

The Sleeper – Part 1

Jeremy wriggled excitedly in his bed as his mother tried to get him to lie still long enough for her to tuck him in and smooth his blonde hair down against his head. Giggling he slid under the covers away from her kiss. He popped up again a moment later, on the opposite side of […]

Cuckoo in the Nest – Part 5

“We had to let them bring you here, Sweetheart.” Ben’s loving eyes filled with tears as he spoke. “I couldn’t cope with trying to bring you through the withdrawal alone. Not with Claire in the house.” He dipped his head, so that she could no longer see his eyes. “I’m sorry, love. The hallucinations were […]