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The Sleeper – Part 8

“Jeremy, you have to give this a try.” Daniel pleaded as he walked over to stand behind his son, “If you never fall into a deep sleep the time won’t jump like it does. There might be a hiccough when you drop the stones and wake yourself up, but compared to what we’ve been living […]

The Sleeper – Part 7

Outside the small, abandoned cottage that had become their home the sun was shining. Jeremy was sitting at the window, staring into the cloudless sky. Daniel looked over at him, frowned and shook his head. He reached over to the small, wind-up radio and picked it up as he moved to leave the room. “Do […]

The Sleeper – Part 3

Daniel yawned and rolled over, beating the clock to silence it’s alarm. Sagging back into the pillows for a moment, he rubbed at tired eyes before moving to shake his wife awake. “Time to get up,” he told her, “Come on, the boy’ll be up soon.” She grunted and shifted position. Eventually, they both climbed […]

The Sleeper – Part 1

Jeremy wriggled excitedly in his bed as his mother tried to get him to lie still long enough for her to tuck him in and smooth his blonde hair down against his head. Giggling he slid under the covers away from her kiss. He popped up again a moment later, on the opposite side of […]